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    abuild: add support for pkg-config prefix pcprefix · 376ccc5b
    Natanael Copa authored
    Fix issue when two -dev packages provides same pkg-config wil but with
    different versions. For example libressl-dev and openssl-dev both ships
    libssl.pc and libcrypto.pc, which resulted in automatic provides of
    pc:libssl and pc:libcrypto.
    apk would end up picking libressl-dev over openssl-dev for packages that
    had automatic pc:libssl depends (for example libssl2-dev), when
    openssl-dev was the one that was used during build.
    To fix this we add support for a pcprefix so we can set
    pcprefix="libressl:" in libressl APKBUILD which makes libressl-dev
    provide pc:libressl:libssl. This is similar to what we do with
    We do not yet automatically detect when the prefixed variant should be
    used so for now we will have to explicitly add libressl-dev.
    ref #9959
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