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system/apk-tools: bump to 2.12.0

parent 3465fcf8
# Contributor: Natanael Copa <>
# Maintainer: Adelie Platform Group <>
pkgdesc="Alpine Package Keeper - package manager"
makedepends_host="zlib-dev openssl openssl-dev linux-headers"
makedepends="$makedepends_build $makedepends_host"
subpackages="$pkgname-dev $pkgname-static $pkgname-doc"
prepare() {
sed -i -e 's:-Werror::' Make.rules
echo "FULL_VERSION=$pkgver-r$pkgrel" >
echo "LUAAPK=" >>
echo "export LUAAPK" >>
cat > <<-EOF
export LUA
build() {
......@@ -40,13 +43,16 @@ package() {
"$pkgdir"/var/cache/misc \
"$pkgdir"/etc/apk/keys \
# the shipped README is empty
rm -r "$pkgdir"/usr/share/
# the shipped README is not useful
rm -r "$pkgdir"/usr/share/doc
install -Dm644 "$srcdir"/apk.zsh-completion \
static() {
pkgdesc="Alpine Package Keeper - static binary"
install -Dm755 "$srcdir"/$pkgname-$pkgver/src/apk.static \
install -Dm755 "$builddir"/src/apk.static \
# Sign the static binary so it can be vefified from distros
......@@ -64,6 +70,6 @@ static() {
sha512sums="0f85ec7c734f2ffc671007fa029f3c96eacfb196c45e465e33aa65c32a6fbcd7523153b6441fdf826a5b4d2e66de02d338620474d333c28cb1ce0233f1120495 apk-tools-2.10.5.tar.xz
5892ad7038c942e82b011a64484253a157711ad65cb754b884c2b9b6047dd4693b530b6639f6d8c35aa21f9c293ee01a3f36ead1d148f77a2012053766f75ee2 dash.patch
edff13f21debc227c7448f0ac42744b2655f8f23ea23aefa04db7d2c44e8a91f77227e84ef090e65364f6999b6ee1138c98490530cb6b9b0594b7cfeeef25b61 pmmx.patch"
sha512sums="739cbf487a9184aba56c87448d18acebf357b6eddb4852033cc0cd331fc910d425a5d01f7b0bf109f5cd62f78f10cca96ebcbdb4fa00d197edb90726998e1523 apk-tools-v2.12.0+adelie.tar.gz
b8e6e6e9efe2fc3a900e5fea54ed2f047bbf8917c8c3e470e001865c2169167ce6a273869ba577aceb1a1580b7dd684de115a4d92250786958fa13b9e8abf28b apk-tools-help-v2.12.0.tar.gz
cedda9bf11e0a516c9bf0fd1a239ffa345cdd236419cbd8b10273410610ae7d0f0f61fd36e1e9ccc3bbf32f895508cdca4fb57a0e04f78dd88469b33bf64a32a apk.zsh-completion"
#compdef apk
function _apk {
local -a global_opts=(
"(-h --help)"{-h,--help}"[Print help information]"
"(-i --interactive)"{-i,--interactive}"[Ask confirmation before performing certain operations]"
"(-p --root)"{-p,--root}"[Manage file system at ROOT]"
"(-q --quiet)"{-q,--quiet}"[Print less information]"
"(-U --update-cache)"{-U,--update-cache}"[Alias for '--cache-max-age 1']"
"(-v --verbose)"{-v,--verbose}"[Print more information]"
"(-V --version)"{-V,--version}"[Print program version and exit]"
"(-X --repository)"{-X,--repository}"[Specify additional package repository]:repository:_host"
"--allow-untrusted[Install packages with untrusted signature or no signature]"
"--arch[Temporarily override architecture]:arch:(armhf mips64 s390x x86_64 x86 aarch64 ppc64le armv7)"
"--cache-dir[Temporarily override the cache directory]:directory:_dir_list"
"--cache-max-age[Maximum age for index in cache before it's refreshed]:minutes"
"--force-binary-stdout[Continue even if binary data will be printed to the terminal]"
"--force-broken-world[Continue even if world cannot be satisfied]"
"--force-non-repository[Continue even if packages may be lost on reboot]"
"--force-old-apk[Continue even if packages use unsupported features]"
"--force-overwrite[Overwrite files in other packages]"
"--force-refresh[Do not use cached files]"
"--keys-dir[Override directory of trusted keys]:directory:_dir_list"
"--no-cache[Do not use any local cache path]"
"--no-network[Do not use the network]"
"--no-progress[Disable progress bar even for TTYs]"
"--print-arch[Print default arch and exit]"
"--progress[Show progress]"
"--progress-fd[Write progress to the specified file descriptor]:file descriptor"
"--purge[Delete modified configuration files or uninstalled packages from cache]"
"--repositories-file[Override system repositories]:repository file:_files"
"--wait[Wait to get an exclusive repository lock before failing]:seconds"
local -a commit_opts=(
"(-s --simulate)"{-s,--simulate}"[Simulate the requested operation without making any changes]"
"--clean-protected[Do not create .apk-new files in configuration directories]"
"--overlay-from-stdin[Read list of overlay files from stdin]"
"--no-scripts[Do not execute any scripts]"
"--no-commit-hooks[Skip pre/post hook scripts]"
"--initramfs-diskless-boot[Enables selected force options, disables commit hooks and more]"
local -a latest_opt=("(-l --latest)"{-l,--latest}"[Always choose the latest package by version]")
local -a upgrade_opt=("(-u --upgrade)"{-u,--upgrade}"[Upgrade packages and it's dependencies]")
local context state state_descr line
typeset -A opt_args
local curcontext="$curcontext"
local ret=1
function _ccache_apk_world { [[ "$1" -ot /etc/apk/world ]] }
function _ccache_apk_avail {
for i in /etc/apk/cache/APKINDEX.*; do
[[ "$1" -ot "$i" ]] && return
function _apk_available_pkgs {
local -a _apk_available_packs
zstyle ":completion:${curcontext}:" cache-policy _ccache_apk_avail
local IFS=$'\n'
if _cache_invalid apk_index_packages_available || ! _retrieve_cache apk_index_packages_available; then
_apk_available_packs=(${$(/sbin/apk list -a 2>/dev/null)%-[[:digit:][:lower:]._]##-r[[:digit:]]## * \{*\} (*)})
_store_cache apk_index_packages_available _apk_available_packs
_describe 'available packages' _apk_available_packs
function _apk_installed_pkgs {
local -a _apk_installed_packs
zstyle ":completion:${curcontext}:" cache-policy _ccache_apk_world
local IFS=$'\n'
if _cache_invalid apk_index_packages_installed || ! _retrieve_cache apk_index_packages_installed; then
_apk_installed_packs=(${$(/sbin/apk list -I 2>/dev/null)%-[[:digit:][:lower:]._]##-r[[:digit:]]## * \{*\} (*)})
_store_cache apk_index_packages_installed _apk_installed_packs
_describe 'installed packages' _apk_installed_packs
function _apk_packages {
_alternative 'repo:available packages:_apk_available_pkgs' 'localpkgs:local packages:_files -g "*.apk"'
function _apk_cache {
local -a cache_subcmds=(
"clean:Remove package files which are no longer necessary"
"download:Fetch package files from the repositories and store them in the cache"
"sync:Clean and Download"
_describe 'subcommand' cache_subcmds
function _apk_subcmds {
local -a cmds=(
"add:Add packages to world and commit changes"
"del:Remove packages from world and commit changes"
"fix:Fix, reinstall or upgrade packages without modifying world"
"update:Update repository indexes"
"upgrade:Install upgrades available from repositories"
"cache:Manage the local package cache"
"info:Give detailed information about packages or repositories"
"list:List packages matching a pattern or other criteria"
"dot:Render dependencies as graphviz graphs"
"policy:Show repository policy for packages"
"index:Create repository index file from packages"
"fetch:Download packages from global repositories to a local directory"
"manifest:Show checksums of package contents"
"verify:Verify package integrity and signature"
"audit:Audit system for changes"
"stats:Show statistics about repositories and installations"
"version:Compare package versions or perform tests on version strings"
_describe 'subcommand' cmds
local -a completion_spec=($global_opts ':subcommand:_apk_subcmds')
case ${${words:#-*}[2]} in
$commit_opts \
$latest_opt \
$upgrade_opt \
"--initdb[Initialize a new package database]" \
"(-t --virtual)"{-t,--virtual}"[Create virtual package with given dependencies]" \
$commit_opts \
"--rdepeds[Recursively delete all top-level reverse dependencies]" \
"*:installed package:_apk_installed_pkgs"
$commit_opts \
"(-d --depends)"{-d,--depends}"[Fix dependencies of specified packages]" \
"(-r --reinstall)"{-r,--reinstall}"[Reinstall packages]" \
"(-u --upgrade)"{-u,--upgrade}"[Upgrade if an upgrade is available and does not break dependencies]" \
"(-x --xattr)"{-x,--xattr}"[Fix packages with broken xattrs]" \
"--directory-permissions[Reset all directory permissions]" \
(update) completion_spec+=($commit_opts);;
$commit_opts \
$latest_opt \
"(-a --available)"{-a,--available}"[Reset all packages to versions available from current repositories]" \
"--ignore[Upgrade all other packages than the ones listed]" \
"--no-self-upgrade[Do not do an early upgrade of the 'apk-tools' package]" \
"--prune[Remove packages which are no longer available from any configured repository]" \
"--self-upgrade-only[Only perform a self-upgrade of the 'apk-tools' package]" \
$latest_opt \
$upgrade_opt \
"(-a --all)"{-a,--all}"[List all information known about the package]" \
"(-d --description)"{-d,--descripton}"[Print the package description]" \
"(-e --installed)"{-e,--installed}"[Check package installed status]" \
"(-L --contents)"{-L,--contents}"[List files included in the package]" \
"(-i --install-if)"{-i,--install-if}"[List the package's install_if rule]" \
"(-I --rinstall-if)"{-I,--rinstall-if}"[List other packages whose install_if rules refer to this package]" \
"(-r --rdepends)"{-r,--rdepends}"[List reverse dependencies of the package]" \
"(-R --depends)"{-R,--depends}"[List the dependencies of the package]" \
"(-s --size)"{-s,--size}"[Print the package's installed size]" \
"(-w --webpage)"{-w,--webpage}"[Print the URL for the package's upstream webpage]" \
"(-W --who-owns)"{-W,--who-owns}"[Print the package which owns the specified file]:file:_files" \
"--license[Print the package SPDX license identifier]" \
"--replaces[List the other packages for which this package is marked as a replacement]" \
"--triggers[Print active triggers for the package]" \
"(-I --installed)"{-I,--installed}"[Consider only installed packages]" \
"(-O --orphaned)"{-O,--orphaned}"[Consider only orphaned packages]" \
"(-a --available)"{-a,--available}"[Consider only available packages]" \
"(-u --upgradeable)"{-u,--upgradeable}"[Consider only upgradable packages]" \
"(-o --origin)"{-o,--origin}"[List packages by origin]" \
"(-d --depends)"{-d,--depends}"[List packages by dependency]" \
"(-P --providers)"{-P,--providers}"[List packages by provider]" \
"--errors[Consider only packages with errors]" \
"--installed[Consider only installed packages]"
"(-d --description)"{-d,--description}"[Add a description to the index]:description" \
"(-o --output)"{-o,--output}"[Output generated index to file]:output:_files" \
"(-x --index)"{-x,--index}"[Read an existing index to speed up the creation of the new index]" \
"--no-warnings[Disable warnings about missing dependencies]" \
"(-l --link)"{-l,--link}"[Create hard links if possible]" \
"(-o --output)"{-o,--output}"[Where to write the downloaded files]:directory:_dir_list" \
"(-r --recursive)"{-r,--recursive}"[Fetch packages and all of their dependencies]" \
"(-s --stdout)"{-s,--stdout}"[Dump the .apk file(s) to stdout]" \
"--simulate[Simulate the requested operation without making any changes]" \
(manifest) completion_spec+=("*:package:_apk_packages");;
(verify) completion_spec+=("*:package:_apk_packages");;
(audit) completion_spec+=("*:files:_files");;
"-a[Consider packages from all repository tags]" \
"-l[Limit to packages with output matching given operand]:operand" \
(policy) completion_spec+=("*:package:_apk_packages");;
_arguments -C -s $completion_spec && ret=0
return ret
--- apk-tools-2.10.4/test/
+++ apk-tools-2.10.4/test/
@@ -10,9 +10,9 @@ TEST_TO_RUN="$@"
for test in ${TEST_TO_RUN:-*.test}; do
- get_block ARGS < $test | xargs $APK_TEST &> .$
+ get_block ARGS < $test | xargs $APK_TEST > .$ 2>&1
- if ! get_block EXPECT < $test | cmp .$ &> /dev/null; then
+ if ! get_block EXPECT < $test | cmp .$ > /dev/null 2>&1; then
echo "FAIL: $test"
get_block EXPECT < $test | diff -ru - .$
--- apk-tools-2.10.1/src/apk_defines.h.old 2018-09-10 08:04:03.000000000 +0000
+++ apk-tools-2.10.1/src/apk_defines.h 2019-01-04 03:31:41.900000000 +0000
@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@
#if defined(__x86_64__)
#define APK_DEFAULT_ARCH "x86_64"
#elif defined(__i386__)
-#define APK_DEFAULT_ARCH "x86"
+#define APK_DEFAULT_ARCH "pmmx"
#elif defined(__powerpc__) && !defined(__powerpc64__)
#define APK_DEFAULT_ARCH "ppc"
#elif defined(__powerpc64__) && __BYTE_ORDER__ == __ORDER_BIG_ENDIAN__
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