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<h2 class="is-3">What Sets Us Apart</h2>
<p>There are many Linux distributions. Adélie Linux defines itself with a unique focus on the ideals of reliability, security, portability, and usability.</p>
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<p>You depend on your computer every day to connect you to the world around you.
Adélie has focused on ensuring continued reliability and stability from the very
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<p>We do not believe that users should be guinea pigs. We only ship stable versions
of the software in our operating system.</p>
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<div class="column has-background-white-bis" style="background-image: url('');">
<p>You deserve to feel safe when you use your computer. While no operating system
can ever be fully secure from all threats, Adélie has been meticulously crafted to
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<div class="columns is-variable is-7 has-text-black about-columns">
<div class="column has-background-white-bis" style="background-image: url('../../static/img/portability.png');">
<div class="column has-background-white-bis" style="background-image: url('');">
<p>Adélie is one of the few binary Linux distributions left that target many different
types of platforms. From ARM, to POWER, to x86 and beyond.</p>
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which platform you use. You can rest assured that your programs will function the same
on every CPU we support.</p>
<div class="column has-background-white-ter" style="background-image: url('../../static/img/usability.png');">
<div class="column has-background-white-ter" style="background-image: url('');">
<p>Software is only useful if it can actually be used by people. Adélie prides itself
on offering users an operating system that is intuitive, easy, and quick to learn.</p>
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<p>Copyright &copy; 2015-2020 Adélie Linux Team.
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