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<p>Moving to the abuild system allowed the project to iterate faster,
which allowed us to support more types of computers. Furthermore,
contributors found APKBUILD files to be easier to write than ebuild
files, which helped the community grow to where it is today.</p></dd>
files, which helped the community grow to where it is today.</p><hr></dd>
<dt class="title is-5" id="not_alpine">Is Adélie related to Alpine? (or: Is Adélie a fork of Alpine?)</dt>
<dd><p>We are not related to the Alpine Linux distribution, though we
are using the same APK package manager. We have a focus on POSIX
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<p>As such, <em>we are a different distribution from Alpine</em>. We
have contributed to apk-tools in the past, but that is the extent of our
involvement with the Alpine Linux distribution.</p>
<dt class="title is-5" id="operation">How does the Adélie Linux project operate?</dt>
<dd>The project relies on <a href="/contribute.html">contributions</a>
from users and sponsors. We have no venture capital or private
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chosen because it is very fast, and its dependency resolver is one of
the more performant and efficient available for Linux. It is also more
compact and easier to manipulate than RPMs. APK fits very well with the
goals of Adélie; lightweight, libre, and portable.</p></dd>
goals of Adélie; lightweight, libre, and portable.</p><hr></dd>
<dt class="title is-5" id="platforms">What platforms does Adélie Linux support?</dt>
<dd><p>The Adélie Linux system fully supports five major CPU
architectures: 32-bit and 64-bit PowerPC, 64-bit ARM (AArch64), and
32-bit and 64-bit Intel x86. Limited support is available for 32-bit
ARM computers. More information about our supported platforms and
rationales is available at the
<a href="">Platform Group's main page</a>.</p></dd>
<a href="">Platform Group's main page</a>.</p><hr></dd>
<dt class="title is-5" id="portability">Why support non-x86_64?</dt>
<dd><p>This question is asked with alarming frequency. The world is not
built entirely on x86. Plus, as stated above, one of our tenets is
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computers that are not the "latest and greatest". Most of these systems
are still entirely useable under Linux; the only thing preventing them
from running modern software is the lack of anyone stepping up and
packaging for them.</p></dd>
packaging for them.</p><hr></dd>
<dt class="title is-5" id="sparc">When will SPARC64 be supported? (or: Is SPARC64 on the roadmap? Will you accept SPARC64 contributions?)</dt>
<dd><p>We are very interested in a port of Adélie to the SPARC processor. We are currently porting the musl libc
to SPARC. Assistance with this porting effort is gladly accepted; you can contact the
<a href="">porting mailing list</a>
or our IRC channel for more information. We hope to have a SPARC64 release available for Adélie Linux 2.0.</p></dd>
or our IRC channel for more information. We hope to have a SPARC64 release available for Adélie Linux 2.0.</p><hr></dd>
<dt class="title is-5" id="other_cpus">What about (RISC-V, Alpha AXP, PA-RISC, other CPUs that the Linux kernel supports)?</dt>
<dd><p>We would be interested in almost any CPU type that Linux supports. Before we can run on such a CPU, though,
the musl libc must be ported to it. Once the musl libc is ported, you can follow our
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<p>Copyright &copy; 2015-2020 Adélie Linux Team.
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