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Update README to include maintenance information.

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......@@ -63,7 +63,6 @@ Targets may be run with `npm run <target>`.
| `list-supported` | List supported browsers |
| `clean` | Clean output directory |
Fonts are downloaded (cached) and provided in `out/fonts/*`.
Look at the script 'assets/css/' for more information.
......@@ -84,11 +83,27 @@ All images are derived from PSD files and/or template files. They are
rendered in a number of formats and dimensions for use with various
online and/or offline services.
Look at the script 'assets/images/' for more information.
Currently the PSD source files do not contain history; this is due to
an oversight and will be corrected. Large originals may not be found
in this repository if their license prohibits unmodified distribution.
It is recommended to rebase onto the latest available theme in case
any bugs have been fixed. As of writing, the latest version is:
Once "support" expires, newer updates may not be available.
Please do not remove any images from the generator unless you are
absolutely sure that no external websites use or link to the image(s).
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