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Add hyperlinks for SPI donation pages.

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<p><a href=""><strong>SPI</strong></a> is a non-profit corporation founded to serve the financial needs of open-source software and hardware projects. You can <a href=""><strong>read more</strong></a> about how SPI accepts donations on our behalf.<p>
<br />
<p>SPI accepts: <strong>PayPal</strong>, <strong>credit card</strong>, <strong>mailed checks</strong>, <strong>equipment</strong>, <strong>services</strong>, and more.</p>
<p>SPI accepts:
<a href=""><strong>PayPal</strong></a>,
<a href=""><strong>credit card</strong></a>,
<a href=""><strong>mailed checks</strong></a>,
<a href=""><strong>equipment</strong></a>,
<a href=""><strong>services</strong></a>,
and more.
<a class="button button-lg button-radius button-dark margin-top-30" href="">Donate to Adélie via SPI</a>
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