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configs: New directory, containing HorizonScripts for live media

parent ad096377
network false
hostname adelie-live
nameserver 2620:fe::fe
# Base packages
pkginstall adelie-base-posix dash-binsh ssmtp s6-linux-init s6-linux-init-early-getty openrc eudev
# Disk setup
pkginstall parted cryptsetup diskdev_cmds dosfstools e2fsprogs jfsutils lvm2 mdadm xfsprogs-base
# Kernel / boot
pkginstall easy-kernel easy-kernel-modules dracut
# Networking
pkginstall ca-certificates curl dhcpcd iproute2 iputils mtr net-tools netifrc netifrc-doc s6-dns traceroute
# Wi-Fi
pkginstall iw wireless-tools wpa_supplicant
# Hardware information / probing
pkginstall hdparm pciutils pcmciautils smartmontools usbutils
# User convenience tools
pkginstall bzip2 gnupg kbd-keymaps less links lzop nano openssh tmux
# Live User
username live
useralias live Live User
usergroups live users,audio,video,cdrom,games,floppy,cdrw,ping
inherit x86.installfile
# Things all PPC flavours need
pkginstall grub-ieee1275 mac-fdisk
inherit base.installfile
inherit power.installfile
pkginstall opal-utils
inherit power.installfile
# Things all x86-likes need.
pkginstall dmidecode efibootmgr grub-bios grub-efi mactel-boot strace
inherit base.installfile
inherit x86.installfile
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