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    pmmx: fix EFI image generation when building on x86_64 host · 3a7636eb
    Max Rees authored
    When generating a pmmx spin on an x86_64 host, the host's grub-mkimage
    is used, which looks in the host's /usr/lib/grub for i386-efi by default
    when generating the EFI image. Since this doesn't exist on any of our
    x86_64 hosts, use the /usr/lib/grub from the squashfs we just generated
    instead. grub-mkimage supports this usage using the -d/--directory
    This probably would have been noticed earlier since it generates the
    following fatal error:
    grub-mkimage: error: cannot open `/usr/lib/grub/i386-efi/moddep.lst': No such file or directory.
    But the post scripts are run using "sh" instead of "sh -e", ".", etc
    from the main script.