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<h2>Configure Your Network</h2>
<p>This page allows you to provide the configuration for your Wi-Fi
<h3>Choosing a network</h3>
<p>Select your network from the list that appears. If your network
requires a passphrase to access, you will enter it in the input box that
appears below the available network list.</p>
<h3>What if my network isn't listed?</h3>
<p>If you expected your network to be listed and it isn't, ensure that
your computer is close enough to the base station or router to receive its
signal. If you use a private network that isn't normally listed, you may
add it by choosing "Unlisted Network..." and providing the details of the
<h3>Why can I not join my network?</h3>
<p>Your device may be experiencing a weak signal or interference. Ensure
you are in range of the base station or router, and that there are no
devices causing interference. For example, locate your device away from
microwave ovens and cordless telephones, which typically operate in the
same frequency bands as Wi-Fi networks.</p>
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