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Release 0.1.0

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Changelog for libgcompat
* **A. Wilcox**, documentation writer
* **Contributors**, code
© 2016-2017 Adélie Linux and contributors. NCSA open source licence.
0.1.0 (2017-10-15)
* new module
* Adds getcontext(), which always sets errno to ENOSYS and returns -1.
* new module
* Adds res_ninit and res_nclose methods which wrap around standard
res_init and res_close.
* Adds strtoll_l and strtoull_l 'locale-aware' methods. Currently, these
do nothing but call the non-locale-aware versions as musl does not implement
* Adds __libc_memalign which is a thin shim to musl's __memalign.
* Adds __libc_malloc, __libc_calloc, __libc_realloc, and __libc_free which are
used by some system-level software. These just call directly to musl's free
and malloc/calloc/realloc.
* Adds non-prefixed isinf, isinff, isnan, and isnanf, needed since these are
implemented as macros in musl.
Build system
* A patch from Daniel James of VoidLinux has been applied, which allows use of
CC instead of hard-coding `gcc`.
* Updates the README.
* Adds contribution guide, a copy of the license, and this changelog.
* Adds __pthread_register_cancel and __pthread_unregister_cancel stubs, which
do nothing because they are not relevant to musl's pthread implementation.
* Adds __register_atfork stub.
* Removes pthread_setname_np since musl now provides it.
* new module
* Adds getpwent_r and fgetpwent_r.
* new module
* Adds sysctl.
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