Commit cca99e84 authored by Patrycja Rosa's avatar Patrycja Rosa
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wchar: add __mbrlen

parent 5bd1f89a
#include <assert.h> /* assert */
#include <stdarg.h> /* va_list, va_start, va_end */
#include <stddef.h> /* size_t */
#include <wchar.h> /* wchar_t, *wprintf */
#include <wchar.h> /* wchar_t, *wprintf, mbstate_t */
int __vswprintf_chk(wchar_t *s, size_t n, int flag, size_t slen,
const wchar_t *format, va_list ap);
......@@ -135,3 +135,8 @@ double wcstod_l(const wchar_t *nptr, wchar_t **endptr, locale_t loc)
return wcstod(nptr, endptr);
size_t __mbrlen(const char *restrict s, size_t n, mbstate_t *restrict st) {
return mbrlen(s, n, st);
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