Unverified Commit 663e9db1 authored by A. Wilcox's avatar A. Wilcox 🦊
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abuild: require tests always

parent bb730d21
...@@ -1582,9 +1582,7 @@ update_abuildrepo_index() { ...@@ -1582,9 +1582,7 @@ update_abuildrepo_index() {
# predefined function check # predefined function check
default_check() { default_check() {
warning "APKBUILD does not run any tests!" die "APKBUILD does not run any tests!"
msg2 "Alpine policy will soon require that packages have any relevant testsuites run during the build process."
msg2 "To fix, either define a check() function, or declare !check in \$options to indicate the package does not have a testsuite."
} }
check() { check() {
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