Commit 320e25b5 authored by Zach van Rijn's avatar Zach van Rijn
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cgit.a.o: ensure all work is visible

parent f1fffcfa
......@@ -57,9 +57,11 @@ sync ()
printf > ${name%.*}/.git/description "%s" "${desc}";
# Pack all refs beforehand to ensure they are all visible to cgit in this way.
# Delete '.git/refs/' directory contents (cgit uses 'packed-refs' when empty).
# Find time of latest commit to any branch, and set 'packed-refs' mtime to it.
git -C ${name%.*} pack-refs --all;
find ${name%.*}/.git/refs -type f -delete;
when=$(git -C ${name%.*} --no-pager branch -al \
| sed -e 's/*//g' \
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