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  • After musl is built the first time, it is upgraded during the build of the immediate next package:

    >>> lzip: Building system/lzip 1.23-r0 (using abuild 3.4.2-r0) started Mon, 10 Apr 2023 00:42:51 +0000
    >>> lzip: Checking sanity of /usr/src/packages/system/lzip/APKBUILD...
    >>> lzip: Analyzing dependencies...
    (1/4) Upgrading musl (1.2.0-r2 -> 1.2.3-r1)
    (2/4) Upgrading musl-dev (1.2.0-r2 -> 1.2.3-r1)
    (3/4) Upgrading musl-utils (1.2.0-r2 -> 1.2.3-r1)
    (4/4) Installing .makedepends-lzip (20230410.004251)

    This is proof that musl (and others) are up-to-date prior to the start of the second pass.

    The second pass is still required, since it is built with the upgraded tools produced by the first pass.

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